Sunday, 11 October 2009


A week since the last update and a small one to boot, not a good start, I know. I'm still in the preparation stage for the project where I am researching some of the opportunities for saving, and getting extra cash on the side. I want to get off on a strong footing and have something to update with every weekend at least, hopefully a new suggestion to try out.

I know if people start reading this they'll mention it, so I want to get this out of the way first. Ads. Don't they make money? I have stuck ads on a few of my pages, but I wasn't sure how much in real terms it might bring me. Also, I'm debating including them in the project updates anyway (When it gets kicked off in full swing at least).

I found on a story where a woman with a successful blog brought in $1.30 a day with her ad provider (And got in trouble with the unemployment office for it). That is roughly $40 a month, or £25. To be honest, that isn't a lot In addition, I am not sure I could hope to get near that, but lets say I get £20 a month, thats £240 a year. Then again, is it the case of the small things counting? It could mean the difference between making the goal and not.

However, all the get rich quick schemes seem to center on various ad platforms, and to be honest I'm not sure I believe them. Too good to be true the way these people say you can make money from them. I'm not really planning on exploring the avenue further, but I will leave them there for now. When I start doing the weekly/monthly update and that, I think I will leave them out, *Unless* they start making some serious money and are easy to replicate for the average guy. Theres no point in me adding things here if other people can't do something similar and get similar results.

To summarise, yes, I'll have ads up, but no, I don't think they'll get me anything, and I'm probably not going to wind up looking for ad revenue as part of the project.

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