Sunday, 18 October 2009


Not where the cars go for a swimming lesson, but the act of sharing one car to/from work.

Now I do this to an extent, there is someone on my route to work, and rather than him getting a bus I will pick him up.

Now this could turn into a revenue generator of sorts, but for the purposes of this project I am going to assume that the revenue I get from it is a saving.

How? Simple. Make them pay for being picked up.

In my case, I was offered some cash for the daily round trip. Now it costs me no extra fuel to pick this guy up, so I'm spending my £50 a month in petrol either way. So I decided to take the guy up on his offer, and he gives me £1 a day towards my costs.

Now, this is brilliant, because it works out a good deal for us both. I get an extra £20 a month (£240 a year), and he still saves on having to get buses to/from work

Now this will work out far better for some people than it ever will for me. Ask yourself the questions:

1) How many people are on the way from your house to the workplace?
2) How many people could be picked up with a minor diversion?
3) How do those people get to work? By bus? By car? How much does it cost them?

It just takes a little planning and jumbling around with the numbers, but start picking up people and charging them less than it normally takes - I'm sure £1 a day is less than what they'd use in petrol or bus/train fares in a lot of cases. See if you can bring other people into it, so that you can drop the cost for everyone (if you are feeling nice) or increase the earnings for yourself.

It is possible to effectively reduce your commute to/from work to almost nil this way. 4 people @ £1 each per day = £4 a day = £20 a week = £80 a month = petrol bill nil, assuming the only driving you do is to/from work in a reasonably efficient car.

And you don't have to feel crap for it either, because you can always claim that you are merely charging for the other peoples share of the petrol costs. And you can always claim it's saving on the carbon footprint for everyone involved!

For this project, lets assume I save £240 a year from this. However, this isn't being added into the total *just* yet. Because I found another way of cutting my own expenses in travel that will complicate things a little. However I will get onto this in a post coming in the next week or so.

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