Saturday, 24 October 2009

Giving up the Caffiene, and gaining a saving

Doc said I have to give up Caffiene, which looks like it will gain me an unexpected saving.

Now, I'm loathe to find 'savings' like saving 20p a day off a cup of coffee, so was going to ignore this totally, until I wound up mentally jotting up what I spend per day on caffeinated drinks.

I wind up spending at least a shocking £1 a day on caffeinated beverages, this goes for Coffee, Cola, Tea, etc. For me, it's mainly cola, which has to be bought (i.e. I can't just switch to using works supply only).

So, we've got roughly £350 over the course of a year saved. I'd actually say it's probably more than that amount, but I'll consider the 'at least' figure so I don't risk overestimating it.

Odd really, because I didn't honestly realise how much I was spending on the drinks until I was forced to give up the habit by the doctor.

For what it's worth, I've to drink water instead, which I can get practically for free from work (I can even fill up my bottle from the water cooler before I head home). I do drink a little fruit juice per day either way, so I won't be spending the money I'd normally spend on cola/tea/coffee elsewhere.

So this is another example of exactly what I'm looking for. An easy idea that doesn't require micromanagement (it's a simple case of not buying something ever again), and will save a fairly significant amount over the year.

So onto the target tracker, goes £350

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