Monday, 12 October 2009

Gaming and Saving 2

In the last 'Gaming and Saving' post I showed how I could easily wipe £80 off my yearly gaming bill, by abandoning bricks and mortar game retailers for online stores.

There are even more savings to be had, it turns out, and all it requires is a little patience.

Here is a website which will help greatly anyone trying to game on a budget:

There is a UK and a US version of this site, so this will help people from all over.

Now, I found this website only recently, but the reason I point to this website is because it pointed out something to me that shocked me:

A retail game I bought only 3-4 months ago at £44.99? It's now coming out in at least one retailer for £15.99.

Had I waited, I would have saved nearly £30 on this purchase.

Now, if I saved £20, instead of £10 as per my last posts, on my typical 8 purchases a year, just by waiting a few months for the prices to drop? I've just saved £160.

Now again, £160 towards a target of £10k doesn't seem much, but as the ads say, every little helps.

So from now on, I will no longer spend any more than £20 on a game. Less if I can get away with it.

Again, is a godsend.

Of course, it would be better if I didn't buy any games at all, or at least bought less of them. I have some ideas on this topic. There will be further posts on how to reduce my gaming budget even further.

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