Monday, 12 October 2009

Gaming and Saving

Lets have a think about one of my hobbies and where I might make quick savings.

Well, I am a gamer. An expensive hobby as they come, really. Over the course of a console generation I typically wind up with every console going at some point.

Games for these are expensive, no doubt, so where can I make savings on these?

Well today, I popped into the local store where I do all my shopping, thanks to a loyality card I have with them, and had a look for a game I am interested in getting, at this moment in time Katamari Forever. It was £44.99.

I went online as soon as I arrived home. The price of this game online was £34.99 from a big online retailer. A saving of £10 for a new game. I found a retailer selling it for closer to £30.00 as well.

I normally buy around eight retail games per year. Assuming I can get the same saving each time, I get at least £80 per year savings by going online.

But does the loyality card make up for this difference? I have £10 worth of discount on my loyality card for my purchases this year so far. I'd end up with £20 per year.

Conclusion: The Loyality card is no reason to shop at a store where full price is being charged. Shopping around online can save you money right off the line.

Part 2 of Gaming and Saving coming soon.

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