Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gym or no Gym

Back from the docs, and I have to get exercising again, get to the gym and start getting my cholestrol and blood sugar down, because I'm putting myself at risk of heart problems and diabetes down the road.

I'm therefore going to have to get a Gym membership. Granted, I used to have one, not so long ago either and it cost me £25 a month. Or £300 a year.

So here is what I am going to do where the Gym membership and this project. If I can avoid this charge, then I will add that £300 to my project total, because it's money I didn't spend.

But you know what? I'm so confident I will avoid this, I'm adding it to the total now. A post later will detail where I'm going to get the bulk of my exercise from, but otherwise, there are easy alternatives to hitting the gym.

Jogging, for one. You don't need fancy gear to do this.

Standard Pressups/pullups/situps/squats, which can be done at home, i.e. even when it rains.

All you need to do is google "Exercise without a gym" and you've got tons of suggestions.

Doing a bit of hiking or fell running. Cheap weekend activity.

Anyway, I'll be focusing on cardio, the main thing is to get the heart pumping and energy used up rather than build muscle. It will be a pity not having the weights, but I'm sure a bit of googling will find an answer to that.

Not bad really. I wonder if it is cheating a little to add this, given I've actually cut this cost out a few months ago, but I'm under advise to start this again, so...

As I've said, the bulk of this exercise will be gotten by something I will post about by the end of the month.

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