Sunday, 18 October 2009


I've grown ill in the last month (which is why things have been slow to kick off), but it makes me all the more glad I am in the UK, where our 'Socialised healthcare' means that I've been able to see a doctor, get multiple blood tests at a clinic, at a cost of nothing to me asides the monthly contribution to my national insurance.

In addition, my employer has me on a private healthcare plan as well, that I can use when I want to bypass the national health service to get treatment a little quicker.

It is seriously worth making sure you are insured, either through an employer or through whatever schemes are run by your government. If I didn't have any of that cover, I would be out thousands of pounds by now. Honestly, I've got more out of the national health insurance than I've put in, and I can be sure that they will treat me even when I am on my death bed.

I'm typically right wing, smaller government is usually better. However, In some cases, it makes sense for everyone to chip in for the common good, because it raises the quality of life for everyone across the board. Healthcare is one of these cases.

But in my situation/my project, you won't see healthcare mentioned anywhere. That's because I can take it for granted that I will have it. Lucky me.

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