Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hi guys. My name is Curtis. I work in IT at a junior level. I have recently hit what I would call a financial low point, which while not threatening me with homelessness, is affecting my ability to maintain a lifestyle where I do something more than sit at home in a darkened room when I am not at work.

After chatting with some friends about the situation, I decided that rather than get depressed about it, I would see what I can do about it, and to document what I did online so that others can hopefully find something that might help them out. It's one thing seeing all these debt websites saying "Do this, do that!", but I think it helps more if some guy actually does it, you know?

To that end a good friend gave me a birthday gift of a blog and a domain name. Thanks to M for that.

The goal of this site is not for me to become a millionaire through it. My goals will be more limited - I will simply be scraping together what I can and seeing what easy money is within my reach.

Anyway, I'll update again soon with a bit more on my situation, my goals for next year and what I am going to try and achieve during that.

I know this will come across as amateur at times, and as before there is already information out there - I will be hitting the established sites and seeing what works for me out of their suggestions, and filtering that back here. This will be hit and miss, and what works for me might not work for you. But I hope that someone will see what I'm doing and maybe see that they can save a few quid.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for any support people give me while I'm doing this blog.

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