Thursday, 29 October 2009

Saving on shopping

This one is a bit unscientific, I'll admit, but I've changed my shopping habits a little over the last couple of months, and appear to be spending a deal less on my groceries.

I usually buy a lot of stuff at a local mini-supermarket, in fact I'd say I usually do most my shopping there. Now, I've started heading out to the larger chain supermarket a mile down the road, and am finding that even £10 is taking me so much further. This is with buying the same brands too, I've not started buying value brand (Yet).

If I have to take a rough estimate based on my mental notes and whats been left in my wallet every week, I think I've cut roughly a quarter of my shopping bill. £50 a week normally covers everything I get, but the last few weeks it's been below £40. But since I never really took notes about my exact spending down in the first place I'm not sure what figure I should add to the total.

But again, one small change, a bit of a further walk and I've saved a ton over a year. Now I do have a bit of an ethical debate going on - local shops are important and should be supported. But at the same time, for now at least, I do need to save this money.

I think I'm going to add £12 per week to the total, thats about fair (and I have underestimated other savings and will do so in the future, so I think it's a safe figure). £12 a week = 48 a month = £576 a year. I'll round this down to £570.

So to the total goes £570

This is without switching to value branded stuff. I'll spend a month or so switching to that and see what impact it has. If it is anything like I think it's going to be, I can see a total combined savings of £1000 per year off my shopping bill. So wow. Shocked that saving that much on something so easy was in my grasp all these years and I've never taken it.

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