Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Not dead

I am alive, just dealing with crash related and work related malarky.

I'm not giving this up, regardless.

Been switching to value branded stuff foodwise, with some success. For the most part there is very little difference in taste etc to mainstream foods.

Starting to sell off some items as well, which is generating a little income.

I will explore these further in a little bit. For now I have things to fill out...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Phone savings.

Can't believe I forgot to mention this one, (I guess I had the crash to deal with), but I wiped £15 off a month on my Mobile (Cell) Phone bill.

I did this by simply calling up and changing my tariff to one that better suited me. It turned out that I never call anyone, I text and email instead, and even then I'm still under my text and data limit. So by reducing my free minutes a good deal, dropping the free text limit and paying a lower monthly fee, I'm saving a bit.

£15*12 = £180 to the savings total.

This one should be easy for other people to replicate. My contract was up, so I phoned and said something along the lines of "My contract is up, and I am shopping around for the best deals. What can you offer me?"

Some people say threatening to cancel works out well for them - the cancellation team are better trained and have more resources to convince you to keep your business. i didn't quite go down this path, but I was sure to mention that I was shopping around for better deals.

Fellow Savers

I'm starting to 'follow' other Personal Finance Blogs as and when I find them. I like to see what other people are doing, so that I might copy some of their ideas that worked, or find out what didn't work out for them.

One comment is that I think people seem to stress too much about micromanagement of finances, trying to save 50 cents off a cup of coffee and whatever. Again, not my approach, but I do find it put me in the 'save save save' mindset when I read about other peoples efforts, and I do find out about what works/doesn't work for them.

For the ones not hosted on blogger I will maybe add them in a box in the sidebar.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

And we start with a crash...

I had a RTC (road traffic collision) last week which was partially, if not mostly my fault. (the other guy is not blameless however)

It happens, I guess? Noone was seriously injured, but on my part I feel damn damn foolish. It'll take a while for everything to go through as well

The problem is my insurance premiums are going to shoot up to double and of course that has implications for this project.

The main implication is of course that the project becomes more important than ever, as the finances now will have far far less leeway in them. I basically need to get this thing going if I am to enjoy any standard of living.

So screw it, this project starts as of 8th November 2009. By 8th November 2010, I aim to have at least that extra £6000, and I will aim ever so hard for that £10k target.

Wish me luck!