Thursday, 5 November 2009

And we start with a crash...

I had a RTC (road traffic collision) last week which was partially, if not mostly my fault. (the other guy is not blameless however)

It happens, I guess? Noone was seriously injured, but on my part I feel damn damn foolish. It'll take a while for everything to go through as well

The problem is my insurance premiums are going to shoot up to double and of course that has implications for this project.

The main implication is of course that the project becomes more important than ever, as the finances now will have far far less leeway in them. I basically need to get this thing going if I am to enjoy any standard of living.

So screw it, this project starts as of 8th November 2009. By 8th November 2010, I aim to have at least that extra £6000, and I will aim ever so hard for that £10k target.

Wish me luck!

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