Saturday, 7 November 2009

Phone savings.

Can't believe I forgot to mention this one, (I guess I had the crash to deal with), but I wiped £15 off a month on my Mobile (Cell) Phone bill.

I did this by simply calling up and changing my tariff to one that better suited me. It turned out that I never call anyone, I text and email instead, and even then I'm still under my text and data limit. So by reducing my free minutes a good deal, dropping the free text limit and paying a lower monthly fee, I'm saving a bit.

£15*12 = £180 to the savings total.

This one should be easy for other people to replicate. My contract was up, so I phoned and said something along the lines of "My contract is up, and I am shopping around for the best deals. What can you offer me?"

Some people say threatening to cancel works out well for them - the cancellation team are better trained and have more resources to convince you to keep your business. i didn't quite go down this path, but I was sure to mention that I was shopping around for better deals.

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